The EHRC has attracted more of the sort of attention it didn't want after the back patting for its report on allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party. Funded by the government with nine politically appointed commissioners, it is hard to see how any institution of this sort can avoid making political judgements on what to investigate (Labour Party - yes; Tory Party - no) and how to interpret anything not specifically defined by the Equalities Act (antisemitism, islamophobia, misogyny, transphobia).

It can at times produce some useful and legally sound reports and recommendations, but it is not always neutral, fair or balanced! A lot of similarities with the BBC. Public bodies appearing to be politically neutral and independent - but rely on government funding and with the Board/Commissioners appointed by the government of the day and with key employees (presenters, editors, directors, chief exec, investigators) bringing their baggage and ideological bias with them!