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Thread: New online paper for Wales

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    New online paper for Wales

    An attempt to create an online newspaper for all-Wales. Just starting up, English only for the moment. The Western Mail covers South Wales, the Daily Post for the North, so here's something new. Thought you might be interested...


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    Re: New online paper for Wales

    Can't wait , will they be critical of Welsh Goverment when deserved ??

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    Re: New online paper for Wales

    As long as it's balanced then I wish it luck. The level of media scrutiny in Wales is pretty poor. Only the Sunday Times produces a Welsh edition and I'm not even sure that's been kept up after Covid.

    BBC Wales and S4C do a good job. ITV less so. Walesonline pretty poor as they seem far too close to the WG and politically aligned more to the needs of the Daily Mirror than to scrutinizing Welsh democracy.

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