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Thread: Well done Joe

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    Re: Well done Joe

    Quote Originally Posted by cyril evans awaydays View Post
    One thing I'm a little confused by. Are "Dark Forces", "Deep State" and the "Illuminati" the same group of people who use different labels dependent upon the shadowy tasks they are performing or are they different groups. If the latter, which one is in charge?

    Hopefully Mozz can easily clarify as all the other users of Roswells (the official dictionary for the gifted and talented) seem to have scarpered from the Board for some reason.
    The Mozzerati is the vehicle driving all this on here.

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    Re: Well done Joe

    nice to see sleepy joe removing US forces out of Afghanistan by September this year

    all we need now is for Kamala to sort out the mess down at the border that shes been tasked to do . 22 days and counting miss harris and still no show when asked by over 275 sheriffs down there to show her face .................

    more corruption this time comes in the shape of Miss Pelosi the speaker of congress who buys microsoft stocks ahead of a huge military contract . pure greed


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