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Thread: NML Middlesbrough board

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    Re: NML Middlesbrough board

    Crikey at least we take two full games before criticising a player!! Except for Cornelius of course.

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    Re: NML Middlesbrough board

    When was the last time he played a league game? What are they expecting?

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    Re: NML Middlesbrough board

    Quote Originally Posted by cardiff55 View Post
    Crikey at least we take two full games before criticising a player!! Except for Cornelius of course.
    I didn't think there was much criticism. One wasn't impressed; most of the rest expect him to come good.

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    Re: NML Middlesbrough board

    Perhaps the best one :

    Posted*February 16

    I for one am quietly confident he'll*prove*to be a great asset on the wing.

    After all, with his history he should be great at going up*and down white lines...


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    Re: NML Middlesbrough board

    I see he’s still left the coat hanger in his jersey.

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    Re: NML Middlesbrough board

    I always thought he was an odd shape for a footballer. Makes him a powerful runner though.

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    Re: NML Middlesbrough board



    When you can whittle a 3 year stint at a football club down to fewer than ten games, you have to ask yourself what kind of loss a player like NML is.

    Of course he will have had an impact in more than the ten or so games that he scored in, contributing key passes, moves and assists in far more fixtures over his 3 years at the club. But he was never going to be a player the club would look to build a squad around moving forward.


    And with MM’s best start to a club job, the question to ask is has the NML been missed? Have there been games where fans have said to themselves, “You know who we need, Mendez-Laing, he would’ve changed the game”?

    Thought this was an interesting blogpost.

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