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View Poll Results: Who would you vote for if election day was today?

42. You may not vote on this poll
  • Plaid

    14 33.33%
  • Labour

    15 35.71%
  • Tories

    9 21.43%
  • Greens

    1 2.38%
  • Lib Dems

    0 0%
  • UKIP

    0 0%
  • Propel

    1 2.38%
  • Abolish

    2 4.76%
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Thread: Welsh Elections 2021 poll

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    Re: Welsh Elections 2021 poll

    Quote Originally Posted by life on mars View Post
    Speaks volumes perhaps folk would feel bullied for having a different view and don't want to run the risk of abuse as they want to remain part of this message board.

    When people type their vile responses they should consider who they are effecting, some may suffer from depression or anxiety and dont deserve the abuse for having a view .
    Ive seen posters on here describing certain posters as lefties. Dont think they feel bullied though.

    Saying that I dont look at the politics thread.

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    Re: Welsh Elections 2021 poll

    Quote Originally Posted by WJ99mobile View Post
    I do understand the frustration with the senedd as they're unable to legislate on the big topics such as immigration, policing and various laws so end up discussing secondary issues. I think people look at the numbers of assembly members there are, on quite a sizeable wage for what is seemingly minimal work with a lot of talking and not a lot of action.

    I again recognise my own hypocrisy for not wanting a independent Wales to which would grant said powers but I do feel an independent Wales would be such a massive risk economically that I just don't want to test the waters.

    However I do agree we will need a Senedd more than ever over the next few years.
    There was recognition that Westminster needed to retain MPs because of the extra work caused by Brexit. I'd argue more numbers needed in Senedd rather than less for the same reason especially with reduction in Welsh MPs and I think Andrew RT Davies agrees considering he wants a specific post for covid response. Issue is who goes forward for selection, who gets voted in and how they behave afterwards. There are good people to vote for in Wales but ills with voting for Mark Reckless (too drunk to vote on a budget) because one is sick of the Senedd as there is issue with voting anyone just because they're Labour.

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    Re: Welsh Elections 2021 poll

    I never understand why people would want to abolish the Senedd, they are often the brexit voters who were crying at the thought of another vote 'crushing democracy'. All the votes in Wales since the late 90s have been in favour of the Senedd or for more voting powers so growing Tory preference on abolishing the Senedd is the most hypocritical opinion I've heard for a long time, how abolish get so much air time is beyond me.

    I think Wales should and needs to be either have fully devolved powers or independence, I've lived in many commonwealth countries and to see their growth and opinions as independent countries has made me realise what Wales could achieve. I grew up in south Wales in the 90s and looking back I feel like it was a lot more grim of a place than it is now (up until I left in 2018), if Wales and the population wasn't such a pushover then Wales could get so much more done.

    How after 500 years of being in the "greatest" union the world has seen do we have massive poverty areas and some of the poorest areas in Europe while 200 miles away is some of the richest? All while having massive deposits of slate, copper, coal and now renewable potential.

    Welsh people fixate on issues and don't look at the wider picture (mainly because of a English based media) I see people suggesting to get rid of the Senedd and invest the money in NHS, schools etc. The Senedd costs 50 million, that's peanuts in the grand scheme of things and do you really think if it disappeared the Torys would then go, here's your 50 million? No chance. It would stop the legal minimum amounts of spending to be ripped up and Wales would get even less money than it has now.

    We're already missing out on 5 BILLION because of HS2 being an England and Wales project, WTF, not 1 inch of it is in Wales and it's blown out 3x the initial estimate and been proven to damage the Welsh economy by hundreds of millions of pounds, but here we are with people talking of voting for the Tories! That is why in my opinion Wales has always struggled and will continue to do so, until people see the wood for the trees.

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    Re: Welsh Elections 2021 poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Rjk View Post
    what is the rubbish that Drakeford has done?

    which Tories in Wales have impressed you?
    Joel Williams. Currently councillor for Pontprennau and St Mellons. Hes young, but impressive. Hes running for Cardiff North in the assembly elections I believe. Think he will go far.

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    Re: Welsh Elections 2021 poll

    A lot of Plaid placards up in Cardiff West, I spoke to someone in the party and its over 160 there already compared to just 80 last time. A lot of polls have put Cardiff West as switching to Plaid based on uniform swing but I can't see it, but the amount of placards up suggests they may do well.

    In my view, Plaid are the real threat to Labour, not the Conservatives. The places where Welsh national identity is strongest are all in the Valleys and if Plaid can tap into that then Labour are in real trouble.

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    Re: Welsh Elections 2021 poll

    Quote Originally Posted by WJ99mobile View Post
    I'd like to vote Labour but I can't after some of the rubbish Drakeford has done and also endorsing anti-Brexit Starmer somewhat and I can't vote for Plaid as they're nationalistic idiots

    So it's a choice between Tories or not voting.
    A dilemma indeed and a poser for a lot I guess , I personally don't support nationalism,don't like Drakeford type politics .

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    Re: Welsh Elections 2021 poll

    Quote Originally Posted by stevebrickman View Post
    Joel Williams. Currently councillor for Pontprennau and St Mellons. He’s young, but impressive. He’s running for Cardiff North in the assembly elections I believe. Think he will go far.
    I've met him , he is so young , very switched on, not your usual Tory

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