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Thread: Tablet or Phone ?

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    Re: Tablet or Phone ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Morris View Post
    In fairness my mum got a Samsung tablet that I set up for her and it's a quality piece of kit, does everything but I struggle a bit with Android, don't find it as intuitive as Apple.

    That said, a Mac is a nightmare to me as a PC user.

    So it's Windows PC, Apple smart devices and watch. I love all my gadgets. Add Sky Q, Amazon Firestick, 4K TV, Apple Airpods I'm geeked up and it's wonderful. Now they are all set up things just work.

    Only downside is that I don't have enough time to appreciate them all. I have so much I want to watch.
    I have lots of fishing tackle I never use if its any consolation

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    Re: Tablet or Phone ?

    Quote Originally Posted by ToTaL ITK View Post
    it takes about 15 different security checks to get an apple device working, by then the mood has passed
    Google or Safari ?

    Its Google for me

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