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Thread: James Collins - Signing agreed

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    Re: James Collins - Signing agreed

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    I love old style messageboards like that
    They're talking about Tom Ince. knew he was crap so over hyped more than over rated

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    Re: James Collins - Signing agreed


    I wanted to take a closer look at some of Collo's League stats (haven't bothered with cups) to examine his impact on the team and how hard he'll be to replace / how saddened we should be by his departure.

    A THREAD...
    Post-thread thoughts:

    One thing that's come up in discussions since posting the Collo Thread Down pointing backhand index is that the 2018/19 side in which Collo got 19 goals in open play (& the golden boot) was a striker's dream. Flying-Prem-quality-fullbacks with Shinnie pulling the strings - it was like shooting Fish in...

    I've also had it pointed out to me by @roomow that he was 3rd in terms of 'big chances missed' this season.That means he was responsible for 37% of our big chances missed (17 out of a total of 46 | up from 11 missed in 19/20 season).

    I know we sat pretty deep in some games & Collo was used as an outlet bit for me this clearly shows how deep he was dropping in order to get involved: https://twitter.com/LutonAnalytics/s...15387923075073

    He also brought a lot of energy and defensive work which are hard to quantify. And as Kev says, if his goal conversion was as good as Toney's then he'd probably be top flight. He did exactly the job he was brought in to do, and fair play to him.
    Some thoughts in a thread (linked) and post-thread comments about our new striker.

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