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Thread: Rhys Healey hat trick

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    Rhys Healey hat trick

    Anyone else spot that Rhys Healey hit a hat-trick yesterday?
    He's currently playing for Toulouse in the French League 2, and they're third at the moment, in the play-off places.
    I think that's seventeen goals so far this season.

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    Re: Rhys Healey hat trick

    Never understood this....he is a natural 'poacher in the box' goalscorer small man playing off Kieffer Moore...given the opportunity he could certainly do a job here....

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    Re: Rhys Healey hat trick

    Really pleased for the lad ,to be fair he had a few chances in lesser football environments than where he is now and no one came calling ??

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    Re: Rhys Healey hat trick

    He just didn't fit how we played under Warnock or Harris. Might have had a chance under MM but not sure.

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    Re: Rhys Healey hat trick

    given how pretty much every player this season from the youth setup who has been thrown in has seemed good enough, it does Make you wonder which other players could have made it here with a different approach from their managers

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    Re: Rhys Healey hat trick

    Anyone know who his agent is ?

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