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Thread: Netflix : Criminal Minds

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    Netflix : Criminal Minds

    Has anyone else seen or become hooked on this series which features the work of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, which profiles criminals to solve crimes. It's been running on CBS since 2005 and was still being produced in 2020 when presumably the pandemic got in the way; in that time upwards of 20 x 45 minute episodes were made each year, total to date in excess of 300 editions.

    The missus and I got into it a while back and now it's watched over diner probably 4/5 times weekly. It won't be for everyone as it can be gruesome focusing on the work of serial killers across the US but the cases and methods used by targets are unusual and innovative to say the least. In fact I've often wondered how they show some of the stuff which, it seems to me, could have a copycat effect.

    Assuming it's part of the offer in UK (why wouldn't it be?) I recommend you give it a go; it doesn't seem to have dated a lot (cell phones excepted!) and a major element throughout is the emotional impact their work has on the 6/7 strong team.

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    Re: Netflix : Criminal Minds

    Yes, great show. Finished the last series last year. Still looking for a follow up thatís as good.

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    Re: Netflix : Criminal Minds

    & my missus has watched every fecker at least twice but it’s where I admit to a man crush on Derek.

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    Re: Netflix : Criminal Minds

    Great series , I thought it suffered from the loss of the excellent Mandy Patinkin who went on to be exceptional in Homeland .

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