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Thread: A message from Sol

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    A message from Sol


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    Re: A message from Sol

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    Re: A message from Sol

    First class human being What a man

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    Re: A message from Sol

    What a great guy

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    Re: A message from Sol

    Quote Originally Posted by BLUETIT View Post
    First class human being What a man
    The term legend is overused, he's a legend for me

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    Re: A message from Sol

    I'm just so glad that Sol is well and I hope that he comes back in a coaching capacity.

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    Re: A message from Sol

    Thought this was a message of thanks from Campbell to Tuerto. ........good luck Sol Bamba in everything you do, will go down as a huge City character.

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    Re: A message from Sol

    Sol Bamba's influence on the pitch, especially in his first two seasons, cannot be overstated.

    Great defender, great leader and a true gentleman revered by many.

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    Re: A message from Sol

    Good old Sol !
    I’m only sorry he didn’t stay here and coach. What a massive massive icon for the club he will always be.

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    Re: A message from Sol

    And indeed what a magnificent role model.

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    Re: A message from Sol

    Watching Sol play football for Cardiff City was always a joy and his energy, enthusiasm and charisma as well as his immense presence both physically and psychologically had an enormous influence on both the team and us supporters.

    The promotion season, for me, was his best period at the club and I’ll never forget the ‘Last Christmas’ song being sung all around the ground in December 2017 when the Sky cameras were there during a match (I think he may have even won the Man Of The Match award that day?).

    Happy times.

    I too miss him and yes, it’s a shame he’s not staying on at the club in some way but I do understand and respect his decision to move on and look for a change of direction and new horizons. I say this as he recovers from a life-changing diagnosis and subsequent treatment. As someone who’s trying to move forward myself with a chronic illness, I empathise with the need for change and re-assessment and I do understand his desire to play on because when life takes away the things we love doing, we are even more appreciative of them as we too often take, even the simplest activities, for granted - until we can no longer do them. Every second becomes so precious.

    Sol, all the best for the future. I still miss your wide-eyed gesticulating with incredulity whenever a referee had the audacity to penalise you. Stay safe big man.

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