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Thread: The cost of “levelling up”.

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    The cost of “levelling up”.

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    Re: The cost of “levelling up”.


    Tax the rich .

    Up the reveloution.

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    Re: The cost of “levelling up”.

    Quote Originally Posted by the other bob wilson View Post
    Need to do a lot of levelling up in Wales seen as we are going to be adversely affected by Brexit https://nation.cymru/news/wales-bein...esearch-shows/

    Won’t affect them though. A week in the holiday resort Dom was hiding away in £40K. And he will be cheerfully cheering on the cutting of £20 for the most vulnerable in society.

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    Re: The cost of “levelling up”.

    Our First Minister could create his own level up programme as he has tax raising powers within his grasp .

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    Re: The cost of “levelling up”.

    This is how Tories like to level up https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news...rnsley-3359028

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