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Thread: Mendys prison experience

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    Mendys prison experience

    Apparently he was sent to jail as refused bail, and was sent to the VP wing. He wasn't best amused as he thought it was a VIP wing. 🤣🤣

    Rape charge footie star Benjamin Mendy 'has meltdown after mistakenly thinking his prison VP cell meant VIP'


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    Re: Mendys prison experience

    sounds like bollocks though

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    Re: Mendys prison experience

    Independent prison monitors have previously warned that suspected sex offenders at HMP Altcourse have been regularly verbally abused by other lags in the privately run 1,033-capacity jail.

    Oh, bless them.

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    Re: Mendys prison experience

    Is he given out autographs if you visit him with a Man City shirt ?

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    Re: Mendys prison experience

    Quote Originally Posted by Trigger View Post
    sounds like bollocks though
    ahhh come on now, it's the The Sun it's got to be kosher

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