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Thread: Is Moore available on Sunday?

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    Re: Is Moore available on Sunday?

    Is Moore dating Nicki Minaj ??????????


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    Re: Is Moore available on Sunday?

    Quote Originally Posted by Enoch Mort View Post
    According to the Trust the club are bringing in an independent external advisor to come in to the club to speak to players about getting the jab. So, the level of vaccination amongst the players must be a matter of concern to the management of the club
    I would hope part of their education includes the following:

    ‘The virus is painfully real’: vaccine hesitant people are dying – and their loved ones want the world to listen

    I am now beyond deeply unimpressed and quite annoyed that the fans have been/will be doing their bit to keep the club going - some of these players need a reality check. It's so disappointing to hear this and very distressing to read the accounts of people who have tragically died.

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