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Thread: Another Brexit Bonus

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    Re: Another Brexit Bonus

    Quote Originally Posted by Swiss Peter View Post
    I hope he doesn't.

    It would be dull in here without the challenge.

    It would be nice if we could have someone presenting that challenge in a less patronising and more compelling way, but we can't have everything!
    I was only joking, James isn’t too bad.

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    Re: Another Brexit Bonus

    Quote Originally Posted by the other bob wilson View Post
    I was only joking, James isn’t too bad.

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    Re: Another Brexit Bonus

    Article on Europe wide inflation in the Telegraph

    All the data is here: https://tradingeconomics.com/country...ntinent=europe

    A few takes from me:

    Annual Inflation is at historically high rate in Europe and currently varies between a low 2.5% in Liechtenstein and 79.6% in Turkey

    UK is mid-ranking, at 9.4%, slightly below the EU average at 9.6%

    No obvious pattern emerges apart from the rates generally being worse the further east you get, which points to the Ukraine war being the biggest factor, which I think we all appreciate.

    The tide is slowly starting to turn now. Greece's figures today show a small decline in the pace of inflation, and we've seen this in Germany too.

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    Re: Another Brexit Bonus

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