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Thread: Brentford vs Liverpool

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    Brentford vs Liverpool

    It's 3-3 with five minutes to go. Excellent game.

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    Re: Brentford vs Liverpool

    An absolutely fantastic game of football. Well done Brentford.

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    Re: Brentford vs Liverpool

    Great effort from Brentford. Traded punches with one of the big boys, and held there own.
    Very impressive start to the season.

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    Re: Brentford vs Liverpool

    My wife is from Brentford and she's no football fan but I've spent a little time around there and I've become a sympathiser.
    Only after the Jason Fowler chip mind

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    Re: Brentford vs Liverpool

    Enjoyable game. Missed the last.goal had to go out to pick up my mother..

    Nice to see Brentford have a go.

    We have to set up to "frustrate" the big boys in the league below such are the difference in mentalities.

    Absolutely great to see, had a feeling they may do a Swansea and stay up with an unfancied team.

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    Re: Brentford vs Liverpool

    Quote Originally Posted by LeningradCowboy View Post
    It's 3-3 with five minutes to go. Excellent game.
    Football as it should be played.

    Professional players giving it their all.

    Took my mind off the shambles at Ewood Park.

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    Re: Brentford vs Liverpool

    My son bought a season ticket for him and his lad as Brentford is the nearest club to him. He's a diehard City fan but he's getting so much enjoyment seeing my grandson getting a massive buzz watching the Bees (sorry!). It only took me 49 years to see my team play in the top league, so he's a very lucky boy.

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    Re: Brentford vs Liverpool

    Best game I’ve seen this season by a mile.

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