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Thread: Weather

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    Boiling today. Canít remember an October to be this warm

    Long may it continue

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    Re: Weather

    5 years ago today , it was 3 C on the school run

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    Re: Weather

    what is boiling?....here in Dordogne it's 19 degrees and sunny daytime....8 degrees at night....lovely...

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    Re: Weather

    68 degrees Fahrenheit. Hardly "phew what a scorcher" is it?

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    Re: Weather

    Alexa told me the temperature was 14 degrees at 5 o clock on Friday morning, that would be warm in July.

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    Re: Weather

    A week ago a few places had a months rainfall in a couple of hours. Today was gorgeous .
    Itll probably snow in a couple of weeks.

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    Re: Weather

    Down to my bundies this afternoon in back garden, fabulous stuff love global warming.

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