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Thread: Share the wealth?

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    Share the wealth?

    A good mate of mine is an ex jockey (Liam Mahoney)
    He was with Henry Cecil for ten years- Big John Gosden - Fulke Walwyn
    Iím not a big gambler and only ever bet on info he kindly passes onto me
    I won just over £26000 in 2000
    He used to work ride Love Divine every morning and told me to back it Ante Post for the Oaks
    I had fivers and tenners e/w for weeks backing it from 66/1 stopping at 10/1
    It Won easily the 9/4 Favourite

    The last week my mate has had a purple patch and he rang me this morning with a treble for this afternoon
    Iíve backed all three in an each way patent plus an each way treble

    All at Wolverhampton
    3.25 Chookie Dunedin 5/1
    4-00 Thunder Queen 8/1
    5.10. Nationwide. 3/1

    Just passing on to your good selves
    Good luck if you have a dabble 🐎💴👍

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    Re: Share the wealth?

    Just done a 1.25 EW trixie.

    Don't want to be blowing loads on horses but good luck

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    Re: Share the wealth?

    Typically you share the tips and things go pear shaped lol
    First one out of the frame
    Second one WON - BUT the hot favourite was withdrawn just before the off
    I took 8/1 but my account says a 55p in the pound deduction 🙁

    Fingers crossed for Nationwide 👍

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    Re: Share the wealth?

    Good luck ����

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    Re: Share the wealth?

    I have had a coupe of quid on it .
    I like a tip
    Win or lose..

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    Re: Share the wealth?

    What happened?

    Either you are all too busy booking expensive holiday flights or it all went pear shaped.

    For some reason was tempted even though not a gambling man but won't download any of those gambling apps to be pestered 24/7. Slippery slope.

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    Re: Share the wealth?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy the Jock View Post
    I have had a coupe of quid on it .
    I like a tip
    Win or lose..
    Coupť!! Had to bring cars into it, didn’t you

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