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Thread: Tory MP Stabbed

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    Tory MP Stabbed

    Conservative MP Sir David Amess stabbed multiple times in incident at constituency surgery in a church as well


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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    Brings back sad memories of Joe Cox

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    Its just incredible. Some crazy ****s out there.

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    Quote Originally Posted by life on mars View Post
    Brings back sad memories of Joe Cox
    Yes I remember that day very well (was Wales v England in euro 2016). I felt physically sick about it.

    Let's hope he survives and recovers fully

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    Something like this has been inevitable sadly.
    Nothing has been learned from the horrific murder of Jo Cox.

    Politics has just become more and more sectarian with both sides firmly entrenched.

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    Conservative MP Sir David Amess stabbed

    He was holding a constituency surgery at a church in Leigh in Sea when a man walked in and stabbed him.

    One report said he was fighting for his life.

    Absolutely shocking.


    Sorry didn't see that Life on Mars had already posted this.

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    Sadly it appears that he has died. Shocking.

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    Horrific. Sadly he has died.

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    This is terrible news.

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    Awful but sadly not surprising.

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    David Amess was a big animal rights campaigner, decent MP.

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    He's sadly died

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    Very depressing news. We are going in the wrong direction in so many ways.

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed


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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed


    The way of politics, the "democratic way" going out and meeting people on their doorsteps sadly might soon become a thing of the past.

    Awfully sad and depressing.

    RIP Sir David

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    Absolutely crazy, how can someone do this? Such terribly sad news that he’s died.

    One of the best things about politicians in this country is, other than the ones at the very top, they’re easily accessible to the community. This sort of thing will just make everything more difficult.

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    Who would want to be a politician in this day and age

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    Quote Originally Posted by WJ99mobile View Post
    Who would want to be a politician in this day and age
    If you want to become moderately wealthy and aren't exceptionally smart, it is still a bloody good option.

    What a mess, twitter desperate to profile the killer before we know any details which is depressing but not unexpected. Agree with some of the above about the accessibility of politicians, our previous local MP, Mark Prisk (shifted out by the current loons) was committed to working for local people no matter their allegiance and it sounds from reports as if David Amess was of a similar build. If I was an MP right now I would be a lot less keen to meet the public.

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed

    It also incentivises politicians to be grey and not utter any controversial words or hold any strong opinions because they will be the ones who have a target on their backs. This is a very bad thing.

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    Re: Tory MP Stabbed


    This is the fourth major stabbing incident involving MPs holding public surgeries since 2010 - with (now) two MPs and an MPs assistant dead.

    Apart from the personal tragedy and grief for family and friends, this will push politicians further away from the public, behind screens and protected by bodyguards or police.

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