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Thread: Dear Me Poverty Report ??

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    Dear Me Poverty Report ??

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    Re: Dear Me Poverty Report ??

    That's actually a really good piece from WOL. One of the best examples of journalism I've read in the 'paper' for a long time.

    I'm not going to get into the politics of poverty in the area of Riverside and Grangetown but there is a strong and positive local community which is being undermined by lack of money (the usual culprit) and poor financial management. This, sadly, has nothing to do with party politics and everything to do with administrative policies (management of Social Housing, communication between the Council and the police, lack of real local power to manage budgets and prioritise local need).

    It's always pretty depressing to read BTL comments on these articles by people who have a political axe to grind (if the current crop of political parties are the answer then why are we in such sh*t at not only a local level but a global level?).

    BTW. There's a local community get together at The Grange Pavilion this Saturday afternoon. All welcome. Including any of the staff of CCFC (if you're reading this).

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    Re: Dear Me Poverty Report ??

    There was a main radio report today on Times Radio where they compare the huge investment just a stones throw away from their communities , they talked about a lot of self funding from the community itself due to the lack of funding from Welsh Government and CF Council in that area ??? ..

    It could be thriving business community with so much diverse backgrounds especially in the restaurant /food sector.

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