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Thread: I Hate Keir Starmer - Tom Whyman - Gawker

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    Re: I Hate Keir Starmer - Tom Whyman - Gawker

    Quote Originally Posted by life on mars View Post

    72.2% of electorate voted to leave including millions of Labour voters .

    Sir Kier votes many times to overturn that vote ??

    Labour Party though support strikes that have woeful % of voters causing untold pain for poor folk needing transport, delivery of critical items of mail teaching , health ...

    If I was Sir Kier I'd say yes to inflation boosting rises , however when inflation drops as does your wage
    Literally making it up.

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    Re: I Hate Keir Starmer - Tom Whyman - Gawker

    Quote Originally Posted by JamesWales View Post
    I don't recollect that. Nothing wrong whatsoever with people who voted Remain being involved in the formulation of ideas into the implementation of Brexit.

    The issue always was with people who refused to accept the referendum result. It was a shameful position to take and a stupid one, because ultimately, from their perspective they made it worse, refusing to support May's Brexit and creating the conditions for Boris's
    Groan. This bollocks again.

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    Re: I Hate Keir Starmer - Tom Whyman - Gawker

    Quote Originally Posted by Swiss Peter View Post
    Groan. This bollocks again.
    Why is that bollocks?

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    Re: I Hate Keir Starmer - Tom Whyman - Gawker

    If Starmer gets in he'll be watched like a hawk by the right wing press, the labour voters expecting more and half his own party waiting for him to slip. The Tories get more leeway from the electorate so if he's as unproductive as them he'll be out after one term and back in the doldrums. Given this - and perhaps this is a skewed logic borne out of hopefulness - a Starmer administration might actually get stuff done given the chance.

    I can understand his reticence because he'll be lambasted by the usual Tory election policy of "They'll be dressing your kids in donkey jackets next" which is enough for some people to vote for the more of the same.

    I'm 52 and can't remember Wilson in 74 so the only Labour leader, to my memory, who's won an election is a centrist, and he went and got the backing of Murdoch, an option I don't think is open to Starmer. In 97 people were completely bored of the Tories and wanted change. Now they change every five minutes in order to look like it's all refreshed. We can't assume it won't work again.

    That article in the link, by the way, was embittered, ad hominem bollocks.

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