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Thread: Bulut Fumes

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    Bulut Fumes

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    Re: Bulut Fumes

    I canít disagree with much he said there.

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    Re: Bulut Fumes

    I'm pleased that he's angry, because so am I.

    Norwich didn't offer a lot but took their chances so fair play, but the goals were so soft.

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    Re: Bulut Fumes

    Quote Originally Posted by Cleve van Leef View Post
    We could have and should have won that. We looked lethargic and clueless , add in a hopeless and clueless ref and it's not hard to understand the result.

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    Re: Bulut Fumes

    Here we go again. Blaming the referee for your teams abject defensive performance.

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    Re: Bulut Fumes

    Too easy just to blame the subs, we were playing badly before they came on.

    Agree with him about the penalty shout though.

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