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Thread: Atmosphere or rather lack of at the CCS?

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    Re: Atmosphere or rather lack of at the CCS?

    Swap the Canton/Family ends. Plenty of modern stadiums like ours prove it can be done with no issues. Reading, Coventry, Derby for example.

    Get rid of the drum, replace with a group of people that can start chants during lulls. Or get a better drummer that compliments the singing and doesn’t take charge and kill off chants.

    Make the block of the Ninian near the away fans an official standing section. Install the rail seating that’s in the away end and back quarter of the Canton.

    Change the pre match, half-time and post match music to something more CCFC related or “sing-along-able”. At the start of the second half the teams come out to Motörhead, great band but does nothing to get the fans going like MoH, Hey Jude, I’ll Be There, etc.

    Make the stadium more inviting for fans to arrive and stay before and after the match. More seating, better/cheaper food and drink options, big screens to watch the early and late kick offs, entertainment under the Ninian.

    More longer term thinking is getting more of the younger crowd in, they’re the ones that make the most noise. Even if it’s giving away tickets to students or having deals for 16-25 year olds. Get kids in whilst they’re young too. Free tickets to schools and football clubs all around Cardiff.

    Every time this thread comes up lots of people come up with lots of good ideas but they never seem to be taken on board.

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    Re: Atmosphere or rather lack of at the CCS?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tuerto View Post
    It has. We were much more inventive when we were shit. Gallows humour i suppose, we could laugh at ourselves and others. That's inclusiveness for you....

    I also think that nowadays, people actually go to watch the football. I know fans who used to go in the 80s and 90s who had no real interest in the games themselves, but the craic.

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