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Thread: Goalkeeper dilemma

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    Re: Goalkeeper dilemma

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    Because he was miles off his line when McGuiness gave the ball away, he had to spring back to goal first which threw his angles out and stopped him from being able to run out early and clear the heavy touch.

    Looking back on it, it was a bad pass back to McGuniess in the first place, which really was the cause of the other two players mistakes.
    A classic post to demonstrate that we need to stick to basics like playing towards the opposing goal and the keeper doing what he is paid for and staying around his area keeping shots out ( and yes coming out when necessary to sweep up, not living life 40 yards from goal).

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    Re: Goalkeeper dilemma

    It's going to be Runnarsson. He's not covered himself in glory and yet Bulut keeps trying to get him back in the side. His angles were all wrong on Saturday which is sort of understandable but he made himself so small, a great keeper would come out like a starfish.

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