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Thread: Paula Vennell Post Office Enquiry

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    Re: Paula Vennell Post Office Enquiry

    She sure is Sludge and rightly so. I don't like people breaking down like that and would usually be empathetic. But in this case no, she and the other woman Angela Van den Bogerd should be getting prison sentences for this huge injustice.

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    Re: Paula Vennell Post Office Enquiry

    Quote Originally Posted by pipster View Post
    Angela van den Bogerd - she gave evidence in Parliament alongside Vennells. Her evidence was also torn apart.
    She is Welsh and she is a Jack. I knew I recognised that 'mush' accent from somewhere.

    Her husband is Johnathan Ford ex big cheese at the FAW i believe ?
    She was actually a fairly big cheese in the FAW - Head of people. Had her employment terminated when her probation period ran out. She left in 2021 same time as her man Johnathan Ford.

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