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Thread: Isle of Man TT

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    Isle of Man TT

    Scary enough at the best of times, but the sidecars are something else. It's on ITV4 now and the bikes have a camera on the passenger.

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    Re: Isle of Man TT

    I’m on the Isle now Bloop. My 60th TT. The racing is going well, thankfully the weather is holding up. Yesterdays Superbike race is compulsory viewing, 4 different leaders, top 3 finished within 10 seconds over 226 miles. The BMW 205mph in a straight line, Dunlop set a lap record at 135.7mph but only finished 4th.

    If you can spare 19.99, sign up to TT+ all the races are live and it’s wall to wall coverage, it’s excellent.

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    Re: Isle of Man TT

    I've just read that since 1937, the only year there has NOT been a fatality is 1982. Absolute madmen.

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