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Thread: Murdoch Empire

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    Murdoch Empire

    Interesting documentary out there on Rupert Murdoch, some would deduce that every Prime Minster for the last 40 years is because of him, Brexit happened because of him, the Iraq war happen because of him, Trump being President was because of him, the list go's on and on, why did this country allow a foreigner to have so much influence ?

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    Re: Murdoch Empire

    Dreadful man , fascinating story, well worth a watch , taking away ones politics its incredible how driven these folk are .

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    Re: Murdoch Empire

    Rupert's politics was and is right wing, so that tells you all you need to know about Labour particularly under Blair.

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    Re: Murdoch Empire

    I see his son James resigned from the company a day or two ago amid speculation that he is against the climate change denial line of his father's media companies as well as not being a fan of Fox's biased news reporting.

    It's a disgrace that one man has had the influence Murdoch has for what must be getting close to half a century - that documentary shows how much Blair, Brown and Cameron were puppets of his.

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