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Thread: Space X hitting the firmananent

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    Re: Space X hitting the firmananent

    Quote Originally Posted by TWGL1 View Post
    Clearly thatís a contributing factor ( it has to be) but if you think thatís the best way to explaining it , clearly you havenít been joining the dots.
    I guess any request for you to join the dots for us is likely to get the "do your own research" rejoinder! Btw, nice to see Wales-Bales pop in to update his avatar.

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    Re: Space X hitting the firmananent

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    Re: Space X hitting the firmananent

    I'm interested to know how the other planets fit in to the non-heliocentric idea. Are we just ignoring them, assuming earth does something different, or pretending that they don't move exactly as they would if orbiting the sun?

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