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Thread: Broadband deals

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    Broadband deals

    So been with Sky for a long time for broadband and phone but the performance whilst fast when it works has had intermittent freezing, pixilation, drop out.

    Called Sky and asked when full fibre to the house available? No idea was the reply.

    Then got an email from Sky saying they've upped the price for phone and broadband to 38 per month.

    Loads of competition around here for full fibre to the house from City Fibre, Gigaclear.

    Just ordered a 900Mbps package from Vodafone for 28 per month and keep old phone number with voip.

    Let's see how it works.

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    Re: Broadband deals

    I was told plusnet were great

    They were a nightmare when I moved house and also charged me the wrong rate for 3 months until I sussed it out

    So many of these internet and utility companies are hopeless idiots

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