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Thread: Article about Cardiff suing Nantes

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    Article about Cardiff suing Nantes

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    Re: Article about Cardiff suing Nantes

    fecking boring now

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    Re: Article about Cardiff suing Nantes

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    Re: Article about Cardiff suing Nantes

    Quote Originally Posted by JumpersforGoalposts View Post
    Hearing 2pm tomorrow (Monday 21st). For reference this is the process -
    "In civil procedure, only the written briefs bind the Court. Before commercial Courts, the parties can defend themselves and lead their case orally. When they are represented by their counsel, written briefs are filed.

    At the end of the pleadings, trial counsel hand over to the Court a pleading file containing each party's argumentation with a copy of the briefs and evidence already filed and relevant case law. The Court then schedules a date at which the judgment will be rendered.

    Once the Court renders its judgment, an official enforceable copy of the judgment is remitted to the prevailing party, who can then have it served on the other party by a process server or by diplomatic channels if the other party is domiciled in a foreign country.

    The service date is the starting date of the one month period during which the parties can file an appeal with a two months extension if the party being served is domiciled outside France."
    Source: Mondaq.com

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    Re: Article about Cardiff suing Nantes

    Email from Keith Morgan to Trust Members

    Dear Member

    I have previously provided Trust members with regular updates on this matter, and the linked issue of a legal action against the agent involved Willie McKay. Discussions with sources involved now enable me to provide the following further update.

    FC Nantes` initial defence to CCFC`s damages claim in May last year was lodged in November and was considered by CCFC to be a very poor one as its basis was that Willie McKay did not act for them in the transfer and did nothing wrong .

    Since the lodging of the defence CCFC commenced an action against Willie McKay to discover documentation and correspondence contradicting FC Nantes` defence claims. This action is not yet finalised but is progressing.

    CCFC have now lodged a more detailed claim with the Commercial Court in Nantes setting out Willie McKay`s negligent actions leading to the fatal plane crash where Emiliano Sala tragically lost his life and why, under French law, his actions as their agent makes FC Nantes liable for CCFC`s consequent financial loss. The claim is for in excess of Euros 100million.

    A judge is due to review the updated claim document tomorrow (Monday 22 April)

    Keith Morgan


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    Re: Article about Cardiff suing Nantes

    Should we not be moving on from this? All seems very crass

    Isnít it well documented we were in bed with McKay when Warnock was here? If the whole basis of our argument is that he was acting for Nantes around the same time then it seems a bit off to me.

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    Re: Article about Cardiff suing Nantes

    You can't trust the French, would they ever find in favour of a British club? not if they can help it, I would trust VAR more.

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