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Thread: Does PERFECT JUSTICE exist?

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    Does PERFECT JUSTICE exist?

    Many of our discussions are linked to justice, what is right, what is wrong, why do some humans act as they do. From acts of unexpected and unbelievable forgiveness (eg parents who somehow publicly forgive their children's killers), to acts of depravity like Savile, West etc
    Do some people just 'get away with it' - or will justice be done?

    What would would you like to be the case, and what do you think is the case?

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    Re: Does PERFECT JUSTICE exist?

    There can never be perfect justice on Earth because the people who administer justice are human and therefore by definition imperfect. God on the other hand is not only supremely merciful, but also supremely just. Some people think they will indeed get away with their actions but justice will ultimately be done - frustratingly we will not witness it here, as much as we would like to see it. Even as a Christian I sometimes burn with anger when I see the sort of sentences handed down to some people who have done unbelievably evil acts against others; but I have to remind myself of God's justice, which, if I'm honest, is difficult sometimes!

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