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Thread: Recent female politicians - a serious question

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    Recent female politicians - a serious question

    We have been seriously underserved in Parliament. In Latvia and Finland they have had some decent muff in power.

    In comparison, sitting on our green seats in recent timez with prominent names we get Thatcher, Diane Abbott, Harriet Harman, Liz Truss (nice chebs), Theresa May, Daisy Cooper, Rachel Reeves, Caroline Lucas, The Brummie Big Booby Whinger (forgot her name now), the former Lib Dem leader, Caroline Lucas, the current gender studies student Green party leader, Porn Queen Jacqui Smith, Jabba The Hutt Thornberry, Baroness Warsi - not exactly a catwalk A list is it?

    So serious question now - which MPs or House of Lords politicians would you have played “Bury The Burrito” with? I can only think of Baroness Moine, at a push Penny Mordaunt, Lisa Nandy and maybe the raven haired girl in Tony Blair’s government. Any other candidates?

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    Re: Recent female politicians - a serious question

    Bradford girls are awesome. It's a very advanced and unique city intellectually and culturally, and many of the women embody these qualities


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    Re: Recent female politicians - a serious question

    Has to be Nadine Dorries, still looking foxy and game at 67.

    The lovely Jewish lady Luciana Berger is a very nice looking.

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